Bespoke Modular Game Larders

"Tarrant provided expert advice and a solution to meet our needs. We now have a first class game larder that complies with the new regulations"

Gamekeeper, Wiltshire

Bespoke Modular Game Larders

"Andy Tarrant installed a game larder in a day! This is the first stage in upgrading our game handling facilities"

Glyn Evans, Berkshire

Self Assemble Larders

"I have just purchased a Tarrant Refrigeration Gamelarder having seen the new small room offered at the Gamefair. I have to say I couldn't find anything more reasonably priced, or a more efficient service.
Ordering to installation time was extremely quick, and a minor problem was resolved the next day. The room is ideal for the corner of a garage, and perfect for the hobby/part-time professional"

Mark Elliott Hampshire

Self Assemble Game Larder

What is a self-assembly Game Larder?

At Tarrant Refrigeration Ltd, we’re driven by your game larder requirements to achieve optimum results. Responding to the demand from small shoots, the stalking community and food producers we have introduced the self-assemble game larder. All our game larders and cold rooms comply with the Food Standard Agency Game Meat Regulations so that you can trust and rely upon our high-quality products that deliver on your exact requirements. Our easy-to-install and comprehensive guide to building your own game refrigeration is achieved through our years of experience and expertise in the field, allowing more groups and individuals new opportunities to store game.

Easy to install keeping costs down

Responding to the demand from small shoots, the stalking community and food producers we have introduced the Self Assemble Game Larder. All our game larders and cold rooms comply with the Food Standard Agency Game Meat Regulations.


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Please note that our self assemble game larder can be used not only for game and meat but a variety of other uses from vegetable to wine storage!

We will supply you with all the tools and equipment to install your game larder - please see the PDF below of our construction manual. Installation should take between 6 to 8 hours at the most.

We offer 7 different sizes in total and there is a choice of height depending on usage - 2.0m and 2.4m.

Our most popular sizes using a 13amp supply are:

  • No 1. 1370mm x 1770mm
  • No 2. 1770mm x 1770mm
  • No3. 2170mm x 2170mm

And using a 16 amp supply is:

  • No4. 2570mm x 2570mm

If you would like a different size please contact us or you may want to consider a bespoke modular cold room.

We also offer an installation service for a small charge.

Finance options are available - please ask.


Game Larder & Cold Room Brochure (PDF) Download
Self Assembly Game Larder - Constrcution Manual (PDF) Download


Self-assembly Game Larder FAQs

What is a self-assembly game larder?

A modular storage solution designed by gamekeepers for gamekeepers, a self-assembly larder is delivered as unassembled parts which allow you to build at a suitable location on-site to a schedule that works best for you.

Is the game larder difficult to assemble?

As a knowledgeable supplier of game larders, our years of experience in the industry arms us with all the tips and advice to pass on to our clients in the form of instructions and guidance. The assembly itself is based on the individual level of skill in DIY production, but we ensure a user-friendly design and comprehensive manual to assist you along the way.

What tools are required for the build?

Basic hand tools such as drills, wrenches and screwdrivers are always great to have as part of your DIY stock, but we’ll inform you in the instructions of what exact tools to use for the self-assembly game larder for which part of the build.

Can I move the game larder?

We understand that circumstances change and you might want to move the location of your game larder. In most instances, you’ll be able to disassemble the product thanks to its modular design, but do ensure to check first on certain items to give you peace of mind.  

What kind of meats can be stored?

Known as a high-quality deer chiller, you can also add other game meats such as rabbits, grouse, venison, wild boar, partridge and pheasant, providing a versatile solution for your storage needs.

It is worth investing in my own self-assembly game larder?

Whether you’re using it for commercial or personal use, there are many benefits to purchasing and building your own game larder. They empower users to preserve their own game meats, regulate internal conditions, and promote the enhancement and quality of flavour development. Designing with diverse environments in mind, they’re a great option whatever your stage of interest in preservation is.

How do I control the temperature?

In order to reach safe requirements for game meats, optimal temperatures are achieved with control systems such as cooling units or refrigerators to assist you in meeting the set standards and regulations.

Are self-assembly game larders easy to install?

Due to the nature of the items stored within the larder, it’s essential that regular temperature monitoring and cleaning are carried out to comply with health and safety regulations. Also, you’d want the game larder to be looking and operating at its best to ensure the highest levels of hygiene which can be achieved with household cleaning products to eliminate the spread of bacteria.

Why choose us for your self-assembly Game Larder?

Recognised as a high-quality supplier of game larder equipment in the industry, we offer a diverse range of products and services tailored to your requirements. Based out of Marlborough, Wiltshire, our support extends throughout the UK. From our customised and commercial selections to our self-assembling game larders, we cater to your unique needs.

Our focus is on assisting you in adhering to FSA Game Meat Regulations, with our personalised service that involves site visits or phone consultations to understand your specific requirements. Following our initial discussion, we provide a comprehensive plan, including chilling capacity times, ensuring clarity about upcoming schedules before proceeding with the supply of goods and offering expert advice on best practices. Committed to providing reputable assistance, we also deliver annual servicing to ensure your game larder functions optimally for years to come.

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