Bespoke Modular Game Larders

"Tarrant provided expert advice and a solution to meet our needs. We now have a first class game larder that complies with the new regulations"

Gamekeeper, Wiltshire

Bespoke Modular Game Larders

"Andy Tarrant installed a game larder in a day! This is the first stage in upgrading our game handling facilities"

Glyn Evans, Berkshire

Self Assemble Larders

"I have just purchased a Tarrant Refrigeration Gamelarder having seen the new small room offered at the Gamefair. I have to say I couldn't find anything more reasonably priced, or a more efficient service.
Ordering to installation time was extremely quick, and a minor problem was resolved the next day. The room is ideal for the corner of a garage, and perfect for the hobby/part-time professional"

Mark Elliott Hampshire

Bespoke Game Larders

We build game larders and cold rooms to meet your needs, however large or small, and comply with the new Food Standards Agency game meat regulations. In fact I supplied our first game larder in 1984 and as a keen stalker and game shooter I understand what you need.


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We use a modular system that allows us to offer a game larder or cold room that is tailored to your requirements and more importantly will last for years and is cost effective. Thus we are literally able to produce a bespoke offering and can install one of our game larders in most locations.

Prices vary according to the bespoke nature of the game larder fitted but as we use a system that employs modular panels this greatly reduces the overall cost.

Finance options are available - please ask.


What is a Bespoke Game Larder?

Custom-made for hanging, storing and preserving meats, a bespoke game larder is a storage facility found mainly in luxury restaurants, hunting lodges and country estates. Featuring assets such as temperature and humidity controls for proper ageing and preservation, to rails and hooks for air circulation to develop flavour, and shelves and racks for storing processed meats, larders are essentials for game refrigeration to ensure the highest of standards in compliance with the Food Standards Agency. Hygiene is also essential in this field to ensure that all regulations are exceeded to deliver outstanding outcomes for consumption or commercial use.

The Full Bespoke Game Larder Service

Delivering a tailored service for your game larder equipment, we provide a customised build that meets your specific requirements. Designed with your specifications in mind we’ll construct a sleek and functional larder whilst taking into consideration factors such as what available space you have, the volume of the game to be stored, main usage aims, accessibility, temperature control, capacity and style. We’ll also discuss the working environment for where the larder will be located and provide advice and guidance on what design would best complement your goals and property. Health and safety are always a priority, therefore non-slip floors, knee-operated taps and integrated lighting systems help you to carry out your tasks with ease.

Bespoke Game Larder FAQs

What type of game meats can be stored in a bespoke game larder?

Thanks to their versatility, a variety of game meats such as wild boar, rabbit, venison, partridge, grouse and pheasant can be stored within the game larder.

Why should I invest in a game larder?

Catered to specific needs, game larders provide a tailored solution to age and preserve game meats whilst allowing you to control the internal conditions to enhance quality and flavour development. Constructed for a variety of environments such as commercial and domestic, they can be embedded within high-end kitchens in restaurants, large residential properties and estates for individuals passionate about game meats, as well as other food establishments.

What should I consider when designing a bespoke game larder?

Variables such as desired storage capacity, availability, hygiene standards and temperature control needs are all key factors to consider when designing a brand-new game larder. Due to the concept being drawn from scratch and the nature of a bespoke construction, we follow your lead on what aesthetic and layout you’d like to achieve.

What are the typical features for game larder requirements?

Whilst all our game larders are custom-made to your requirements, there are a number of essential features that should be included that are must-have items for this environment. This includes a preparation area with hot and cold water taps, a separate infrared operation stainless-steel cutting tables and hand-washing basin, meat rails and a winch to help lift game. Insulated bulkheads, storage and doors allow you to separate compartments within the larder, and non-slip floors, internal lighting and interlocutors ensure that you’re abiding by the high health and safety standards in the industry. Finally, a separate entrance and exit door to split the chilled areas from the preparation areas demonstrate that you’re complying with UK food storage legislation.

How is the temperature controlled?

When storing meats the optimal temperatures must be reached for the safe requirements for game meats. Temperature control systems such as cooling units or refrigerators help to regulate temperatures within the larder to meet the standards required with ease.

How do I maintain my game larder?

Regular cleaning and temperature monitoring are essential to ensure that you’re complying with all the health and safety regulations. Plus, you’ll want to keep on top of servicing your cooling system so that the larder is operating at its best.

Why choose us for your bespoke game larder?

Awarded the best gamekeeping product in The Shooting Industry Awards we provide several products and services to meet your needs with our bespoke and commercial ranges, to our self-assembling game larders. Helping you to comply with the FSA Game Meat Regulations, our personalised service is dedicated to recommending what opportunities are available with a site visit or phone call. Following our initial discussion we’ll present a plan which includes chilling capacity times so that you understand upcoming schedules, before carrying out the installation. We always want to help our customers in the best way possible and offer annual servicing so that your game larder is functioning well for years to come. Although our location is Marlborough, Wiltshire, we provide products and assistance across the UK. 

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